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St Louis Yoga Classes

"If you would have told me years ago that a hobby I picked up on YouTube would lead to where I am today I’d laugh and ask where the cameras were."

Dria Jackson, Owner of Dria Love Co.

  • 200 HR Certified Yoga Instructor; 

  • 20 HR Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

First things first. Gratitude. You have made it to my website, so hello and Thankyou for even reading this far.

If you would have told me years ago that a hobby, I picked up on YouTube would lead to where I am today, I’d laugh and ask where the cameras were.

In 2017, I remember getting on Instagram and seeing all these amazing shapes that people were making with their bodies, and they were calling it Yoga. All I knew was, I wanted parts. I’ve always been one to take on a challenge. At that time, I was working an office job and this “yoga” looked like a fun thing to do. So, to YouTube University, I went. Yoga with Adriene was my first ever “yoga class” and I’m not going to lie, I was ready to call it quits. My body was confused and in pain and so was I. I kept at it though, and through the years I found different classes in my city, made friends, connections, and most importantly, I found myself.

Yoga is no longer a hobby, but a lifestyle. On my journey to finding myself. I started learning how to better love myself. I paid more attention to not only what I put in my body but also on my body. I found that there were so many toxic ingredients in big brand skin products, so I started making my own. My skincare products have aided with eczema, dry skin psoriasis, and more. Even when I had to start taking medications that made skin severely dry, once I started back using my products went back to being soft and supple.

I pride myself on making natural, toxin-free products. Everybody deserves to be treated to some self-care. Self-care is self-love.

Self-love, Always. All ways

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