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  • Virtual Session: I

    Every month
    Bronze Package
    • Stay Consistent in Your Practice
    • 1 session/week for a month
    • Save $15
    • 4 Private Sessions
    • Yoga and/or Personal Training
  • Virtual Session: II

    Every month
    Silver Package
    • Stay Consistent in Your Practice
    • 2 sessions/week
    • Save $40
    • 8 Private Yoga Session
    • Yoga and/or Personal Training

Plans auto renew so please cancel or request cancel via email 72 hours in advance.


"Finished up my first month.  Wow! I just signed up for next month. I really enjoy the class.  It is a great stress reliever.  Dria is a great teacher. I am new to yoga, and she is very patient. I can tell that each week I am improving.  Oh ya, I do work up a sweat."


" I just want you to know that even though i have been to your class only twice...I can tell how it is helping me even the mental. Thank you!"


"A couple weeks ago I decided to try out Dria's yoga class on Sundays. I am so glad I went because it was a beautiful experience. Far different from any other yoga class I've ever attended. In a matter of just 2 weeks I've been able manage my breathing better and become more centered and connected with myself. Also, she was VERY patient as I was struggling with some of the poses.  I will definitely be back!"