“Don’t Let the Future Steal Your Present”

If you have ever been to a yoga class you have probably heard how important it is to be present during your practice, or they may have stressed how important mindfulness is. Yoga without focus is null and void. You’ll be doing the poses but at the end of the practice you’ll probably be left with unsatisfied thoughts and wondering what it is you even did. There’s a lot of situations in life that this can apply to. Like having sex with your partner and present in the moment letting various thoughts fill your mind, you’re probably left unsatisfied and wondering what it is you even did, right? Or if you called yourself watching a movie and you were constantly distracted with thoughts the whole time, at the end of the movie you were probably wondering why you have no idea what happened in the movie. Being present is important with many things in life aside from yoga, but yoga is one of the simplest healers so let’s go over some steps you can take to practice mindfulness 

In yoga practice, it’s important to start by ce