Everyone Has a Story

*takes deep breathe*

Where do I start. Oh yes, yoga. So I want my first blog to be my own personal testimony on how my yoga journey started and has been, so here we go. In the beginning, Yoga for me simply started as something to do to gain flexibility and stay in shape after I went from a physically active job to a sedentary job. That was about 2 years ago (fall of 2016) and I was just doing yoga at home off of YouTube videos. Then in the Spring of 2017 I met one of my favorite yogis and a good friend, I call her Meek. Once I met her, she was inviting me to all these yoga classes and events that I had no idea that existed and at that point I started to get more into the community side of yoga. After going to a bunch of yoga classes and then really started seeing more of the spiritual and mental side of it and from that point I had a complete mind shift and I realized that this was a lifestyle for me and something that I was meant to do. Over these past 2 years yoga has helped me through anger that I didn’t know that I had, helped me find inner peace in times of deep sadness and depression, help calm my anxiety and helped me find a new way of self expression. My goal is to be able to educate people on the benefits of yoga, to see people through to there own testimonies and just to teach people what it’s all about.