Fear Is.....

Fear is something we have all experience at some point of our life. Whether it be when we were just little babies and we were trying to take our first steps, or when we were contemplating on whether we should take that job, or start that business. During that time you probably had some feeling of hesitation or subconscious push back also known as fear. Have you ever thought about why you felt that way? Something like, “what if I fail?” “How will my family feel?” “I don’t think I can do it?” Well you’ll never know until you try... Now let’s talk about how yoga can help.... have you ever took a yoga class? Remember the feeling before you  tried it for the  first time and you were fearful that you’d look silly or couldn’t hold the poses. But after you finished that class you realized that you were stronger or more flexible than you thought right? Well apply that to other things in life. When you think you can’t do something, you start to believe it so you just have to use that fear and go for it!!  Try this in your next yoga practice to help with fear:

1. Center yourself and allow yourself to be present in the moment 

2. Set an intention to be clear of thoughts of fear and hesitation

3. Incorporate something in your practice that you’ve been scared to try before (YouTube it if you have to)