Taking Control of Your Mornings

What do you do to feed yourself mentally? Especially when you first wake up and you’re getting your day started. There’s usually so much on your mind with the tasks that need to be done, that you don’t take a moment for yourself to prepare.

                Taking that time out rather it be to meditate, practice yoga in your bed or on the mat(or wherever you see fit), praying etc is so crucial to make sure you are mentally ready for what the day has to come. If you want to give meditation a try when you first wake up, you can still be lying down you don’t have to be sitting up with your legs crossed like the “traditional” way that you see. Just lie in bed and give yourself a few moments of peace and breathe slowly. You can also play some music that you think would go well with your meditation I’ve personally created a playlist of songs that I really enjoy to hear during meditation, but it’s all up to you. I know sometimes I get bad anxiety knowing how busy my day will be, but if I take that time to mediate and be present in the moment, my anxiety usually fades away. Meditation is good for the mind, the heart and the bodies so don’t be afraid to give it a try.