Yoga is Universal

So here you are wanting to do yoga, but somethings holding you back. maybe you feel like you’re not in well enough shape to do yoga or that you’ll be judged for doing it.

Well I’m here to tell you that yoga is for you, yoga is for everybody. Every shape, every color, every gender every body type. In westernized society it has been made so that it seems like a specific demographic only does yoga.

Well let me rid of some of the myths that are out there. You don’t have to be at all flexible to do yoga. You can be as stiff as a board. Yoga is made to work around you and where ever you are as a yogi. You are in control of your own practice and no one else can dictate your progress. Only you know your limits.

You don’t have to so all these difficult poses to be considered a yogi. The physical part of yoga known as the asanas, or the poses that you are taught during class is only a small part of what yoga is. You are still doing yoga by doing things like meditating for a few minutes and even learning different breathing practices which are also called pranayamas. What you do off the mat means just as much as what you do on the mat.